1. Just a few reasons why Frye is different than other roofing installers

    A similar article was originally recently published in the Glade Springs Living Magazine and then again in Bluefield Telegraphs "Growth and Opportunity"  article.  We are proud of our past and present while serving our communities. We intend on meeting all of our customers future expectations as well.  Frye Roofing, Inc. Doing the Right Thing EVERY Day 50% of start up businesses last 5 years an…Read More

  2. Are you thinking about putting one layer of shingles on top of another?

      In this post, we will talk about overlay vs. a total residential roof replacement. Overlay means that you put one layer of roofing on top of another. A total roof replacement implies that all of the current materials will be removed and replaced down to the decking. Your roof is the most important part of your house. After all, it does protect your family and all of your valuable items. Fry…Read More

  3. Single Ply Manufacturer’s Warranty

    We at Frye Roofing, Inc. can help you keep your warranty in good standing with the manufacturer. Our highly trained and experienced repair technicians can perform the needed inspections and repairs while following all manufacturer specifications. Here is an article from NRCA’s “Manual of Roof Inspection, Maintenance , and Emergency Repair for Existing single-Ply Roofing Systems”. One of the …Read More

  4. 3 Tips to Extending the Life of Your Roof This Spring

    Spring has sprung and winter is finally over. This makes an ideal season for homeowners to concentrate on the exterior of their home. Spring roof maintenance is a part of lengthening the lifespan of your roof and getting it ready for the year’s storm season. Your roof and gutters may have survived the snow and cold, but this is the perfect time to survey the damage that winter might have caused.…Read More

  5. Preventing Ice Dams – What You Need to Know

    What is an ice dam? Ice dams are largely – almost exclusively a result of inadequate/improper attic ventilation of the roof system. An ice dam is an accumulation of frozen water at the edge of your roof that prevents water from running off. This can cause serious leaks – even in freezing temperatures. Long-Term Plan: Make sure your roof is properly insulated and that any attics are properly ve…Read More

  6. Winter Prep – What’s Your Plan?

    With the winter months in full swing, Frye Roofing wants to help you minimize damage to your roof system. The combination of ice and snow on your roof can add to the stress on your roof and ultimately lead to issues you hadn't planned on or budgeted for. Long-Term Plan: Ultimately, the best thing to do is to prevent problems before they start. Preventative maintenance is the best and most cost eff…Read More

  7. Gutter Time!!!

    There is no better sight then Fall in the southern WV area. It’s as if we are in our very own Bob Ross painting! Unfortunately this sight must come to an end as we head towards winter. In the past few weeks the rain, snow & ice have just about knocked down all of that gorgeous leaves, twigs & acorns and is now causing havoc in some of your gutter systems. At Frye Roofing, Inc. we believe…Read More

  8. Service Areas

    Please note: This is a list of our standard (but not limited to) service area for all of your roof repairs, roof maintenance, residential & commercial roof installations. Please call us with any questions WV- Summersville 26651, Fayetteville 25840, Beckley 25801, Mullens 25882, Oceana 24870, Welch 24801, Princeton 24739, Bluefield 24701, Hinton 25951, Union 24983, Lewisburg 24901 VA- Hurley 24…Read More