We at Frye Roofing, Inc. can help you keep your warranty in good standing with the manufacturer. Our highly trained and experienced repair technicians can perform the needed inspections and repairs while following all manufacturer specifications.

Here is an article from NRCA’s “Manual of Roof Inspection, Maintenance , and Emergency Repair for Existing single-Ply Roofing Systems”.

One of the most important things a building owner with a manufacturer’s warranty can do is to read and understand the warranty for the roofing system installed on his building. A manufacturer’s warranty is a legal contract between the owner and the manufacturer. It can be voided like any other contract, whether knowingly or inadvertently. Common occurrences can arise after the warranty has been issued which may result in a voided warranty. These occurrences may include, but are not limited to:

• Neglect of the roofing system by not performing inspections, repairs and routine maintenance in a timely manner;

• Failure by the owner to notify the membrane manufacturer of leaks in the roofing system in a timely manner (most warranties will explicitly state a time limit);

• Failure by the owner to notify the membrane manufacturer of work required to repair damage or to add rooftop equipment;

• Failure to have permanent repairs or maintenance performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, such as use of material not manufactured by the warranting manufacturer, or the use of an incompatible material for a repair; work performed by a contractor not approved or authorized by the membrane manufacturer to perform such work

• A change in the use of the building;

• A change of ownership of the building; some warranties are non-transferable

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