Frye Roofing, Inc.

Doing the Right Thing EVERY Day

50% of start up businesses last 5 years and 30% last 10. Frye Roofing, Inc has been in business since 1900, which puts it in the one-half of one percent category. A staggering statistic by today’s standards.

President Teresa Robinson attributes this longevity to living up to the company’s motto every day. “We do the right thing every day. Honesty, integrity, and dedication is given to all customers, employees, our communities, and our suppliers.” Teresa has been a key executive with Frye since 1996 and took over last fall after the passing of her beloved husband J.C. after a short battle with COVID-19.

J.C. was President of Frye Roofing for 20 years and was highly respected in the industry. His leadership shines on at Frye as they continue to stay current with regulations and trends affecting the industry, concentrating on education and training of employees. J.C. was also known for his willingness to give back to the industry, serving as a Director for the National Roofing Contractors Association as well as President of the Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals.

Teresa also says a key to Frye’s success is “a willingness to educate the customer with the knowledge needed to choose the best roofing solution for their needs. We are always looking for the most reliable, yet economical, solution to a problem based on industry best practices. If we make a mistake, we make it right. While we normally work within a 150-mile radius, our reputation is known all over the country.”

Henry Malkin, Vice President, is an important member of the Frye team, directing operations, safety, and residential sales. To protect both employees and customers, safety is a priority at Frye Roofing. With on-going safety training, drug testing, and investment in protective equipment, Frye has logged over 2800 consecutive days without work loss due to injury. “84% of our contracts come from referrals or repeat business (Industry average is 29%). We offer top-quality craftsmanship, products, and services. We have employees who come from other companies, and they say the difference between them and us is, ‘Frye doesn’t cut corners’. The players have changed over the 120+ years, but the motto remains the same.”

One of our key employees is Marcel Albert, Project Manager and chief estimator for commercial roofing. Marcel also heads up the Roof Management Program (or RMP) at Frye. The RMP service provides regular “roof check-ups” which include gutter cleaning, routine maintenance, and detailed reports. Many people don’t understand that a roof needs routine maintenance like any other part of your home or car. You wouldn’t drive 50,000 miles before you change your car’s oil. Having a professional roofer inspect your roof on a regular basis is the only way to detect and repair minor problems before they result in more extensive and expensive repair work. This proactive approach has been proven to increase the roof’s life span by 30-50%. “We go above and beyond in all we do,” says Marcel. “The extra mile. Our roofs last longer than most because we give extra in the beginning. We want to avoid callbacks and get it right the first time.” If we make a mistake we will stand behind our word and make it right. Teresa adds, “We are very fortunate to have Marcel, who worked for large roofing companies in several states before returning home in 2008.” “Marcel brings over 33 years of roofing knowledge to the table, and our management team has over 227 combined years of experience. We are proud of our management team; Our Superintendent Ward Billings has 32 years with Frye, and assistant Superintendent, Ashton Looney, joined the team in 2002. We round out our management team with Office Manager, Melissa Poff, 23 years at Frye, and Foremen Rodney Roberts, Jesse Knuckles, and Anthony Albert” Henry says.

Frye Roofing, Inc. is a major representative of Carlisle Syntec Systems, the nation’s largest commercial roofing material manufacturer in the U.S. Carlisle inspects roofs installed by their representatives for warranting and grades the job from 0-10 (10 being the best). Frye hasn’t had a sub ten score since 2004 and is ranked 56th out of 100,000 plus roofing companies in North America with their 821 (and counting) “perfect 10’s”.

Teresa says, “We used to do strictly commercial roofing. Our residential roofing business grew out of our commercial customers demanding that we do their residential work also. We bring the same quality to residential that we have provided for years to commercial.”

Some recent testimonials; “They have a large team and they work non-stop. It’s a wonderful orchestration between the workers. A supervisor checked the work daily and the jobsite (our home and property) was pristine every day. I can’t speak highly enough about them and the quality of the work.”

“Frye Roofing and the Robinson/Malkin Family have always been so incredible to work with. They have excellent customer service and it’s more than just a sale to them. It’s a handshake and a smile and a promise to deliver exactly what they say they are going to deliver. A very great group of people to work with.”

“We were very happy with the work and the prompt response from Frye Roofing. We had a chimney brick problem and they resolved the issue. Teresa Robinson is a very nice person and is very accommodating.”

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