What is an ice dam? Ice dams are largely – almost exclusively a result of inadequate/improper attic ventilation of the roof system. An ice dam is an accumulation of frozen water at the edge of your roof that prevents water from running off. This can cause serious leaks – even in freezing temperatures.

Long-Term Plan:

Make sure your roof is properly insulated and that any attics are properly vented. Failing to ensure these are done can lead to snow melting closest to your roof’s surface and that’s when ice dams form.

  • Throughout the winter, make sure and check your roof for ice dams. If you see one, you may have a potential problem that needs immediate attention.

Immediate Steps to Take:

The most effective solution to ice damming is to ensure your roofing contractor has included appropriate design considerations when installing your roof system. Although these considerations may add slightly to the cost of the roof system, the costs typically are offset when ice damming is avoided.

  • A very temporary measure is the use of a roof sock to correct ice dam problems. A roof sock is an emergency solution to an ice dam, where a sock or nylon is filled with an ice and snow melt product. The sock is then laid vertically across the ice dam so that the snow melt product will melt the ice and release the water to drain outside and not inside your roof. Just give us a call as we’d be happy to place and monitor these for you!