There is no better sight then Fall in the southern WV area. It’s as if we are in our very own Bob Ross painting! Unfortunately this sight must come to an end as we head towards winter.

In the past few weeks the rain, snow & ice have just about knocked down all of that gorgeous leaves, twigs & acorns and is now causing havoc in some of your gutter systems.

At Frye Roofing, Inc. we believe that cleaning your gutters should be one of the most important projects on a homeowner’s/business owner’s to-do list. The purpose of your gutter system is to divert water away from your foundation. Clogged gutters could expose your home to potential damage. Water that gets dammed up in the gutters finds the path of least resistance when it tries to drain and this often means it works right into the walls, ceilings & basement windows of your home/building. Excess water around your home/building can cause foundation issues, promote mold and give off a nasty stench. It can also open the door for some unwanted pests like termites, mosquitoes and other insects.

We recommend cleaning them out at least twice a year. Please also see our Roof Maintenance Program info on our website.

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