Spring has sprung and winter is finally over. This makes an ideal season for homeowners to concentrate on the exterior of their home. Spring roof maintenance is a part of lengthening the lifespan of your roof and getting it ready for the year’s storm season. Your roof and gutters may have survived the snow and cold, but this is the perfect time to survey the damage that winter might have caused.

Many homeowners do not consider that a roof is constantly exposed to Mother Nature’s elements. Over the year, your roof is exposed to wind, rain, hail, and in the winter heavy snow and ice can loosen or damage shingles, flashing and gutters. If repaired now, small issues can save you lots of money down the road.

When it’s time to conduct your spring roof inspection, remember these three tips:

  1. Walk around your house and look for anything obvious. Loose, missing, cracked or curling shingles, sagging roof lines, and even dark stains on your roof can all be signs of a roof that needs some attention.
  2. Check your gutters more thoroughly for leaves and twigs if you have a number of tall trees on your property. Water will likely back up under the eaves, causing damage if the debris is not removed.
  3. Make sure your vents are clear of dust, dirt and debris as ventilation is key to getting the most out of your roof.

Keep your roof in shape and get outside this spring to assess any damage or normal wear and tear. If you do observe damage, the coming wet and hot seasons will only continue to compromise your protection. Don’t wait until you notice the water spot develop on your ceiling in the house. By this point, it is likely that you will need a professional to track down the source of the leaks to be sure it’s repaired correctly.

Ready to schedule your spring roof inspection? The Frye Roofing Team can provide complete roof inspections and provide you with an honest recommendation to further the life of your roof.