1. well-oiled machine

    Those guys were great. They work together like a well-oiled machine! When asked if he would recommend Frye Roofing, he said he “will spread the word and has already told several people how great the job was”

    Kenneth- Bluefield / Bluewell, WV-Residential-Sept. 2014
  2. Impressed

    Those are some hard working men you have working for Frye Roofing. Very polite and they kept everything clean. They had my roof totally completed in 1 ½ days. I was VERY impressed with your workers…When asked if he would recommend Frye to other people, his response was “Oh YES, I absolutely would, I appreciate everything Frye has done for me”.

    Sam- Pipesdem, WV-Residential-Aug. 2014
  3. Magnificent

    Your roofers were very polite, safe and clean. We are on a busy busy street in Lewisburg and they made sure that safety was their main concern. They had their safety ribbons up all over the place. I double checked the sidewalks after the job was complete and it was clean…. SEPTIC clean!!!! The crew was MAGNIFICENT and I would definitely recommend Frye Roofing!!!

    P.T.-Lewisburg, WV-Commercial-Aug.2014
  4. Leak problems that only Frye’s repair team could fix…

    My home was built in the 1970’s. Ever since I purchased it, late 1980’s, I have had a problems with a roof leak near my chimney. I have called several roofing companies and the problem never went away. I called Frye Roofing, Leonard and his repair team diagnosed the problem and did a thorough repair job (too plenty of pictures). I am happy to report that they have resolved my original roof leak, found another one that I didn’t even know about and the replacement shingles they used were a spot on match.

    Stan - Princeton, WV-Residential-Aug. 2014
  5. Constant Communication and Attention to Details

    “Working with Frye Roofing was a pleasure, from pre-planning, all the way through completion. Constant communication and attention to details were priorities for us and Frye was committed to see that we were pleased. This project met our expectations, while coming in under budget and ahead of schedule. We will consider Frye Roofing again for future projects!”

    Jennifer- Glade Springs / Daniels, WV-20 unit Residential-July 2014
  6. Trustworthy

    I appreciate Frye’s professionalism, fairness, responsiveness and the trust relationship we have built to ensure the shopping center stays taken care of and issues resolved immediately and in a very timely manner…Thanks Marcel”

    Ivan- Marion, VA-Commercial-June 2014