The fact is, properly functioning roof systems are vital to an organization’s success, and they’re under assault from the weather 24 hours per day. We want to help you protect your investment with our Roof Management Program. Having a professional roofer inspect your roof on a regular basis is the only way to detect and repair minor problems before they result in more extensive and expensive repair work. This proactive approach will increase long-term savings by increasing the life span of your roof by 30-50%!

Frye Roofing’s Roof Management Program is available to commercial property owners and homeowners. If you are like most, the only time you think of your roof is when there is a major storm or after a leak has already turned your living room into a pond. Other parts of your home are more visible, thus tend to be maintained on a regular basis. We want to help you protect your investment by detecting and repairing minor problems before they result in water damage and expensive repair bills.

Our Roof Management Program will provide proper roof maintenance as required by many manufacturers to uphold warranty coverage. Our Roof Management Program includes:

  • Overall inspection of your roof.
  • Cleaning the roof and gutters of debris.
  • Written report of the current condition of your roof, including pictures focusing on areas of concern.
  • Routine maintenance repairs aimed at extending the life of your roof system, minimizing major repair and re-roof costs to the greatest extent possible.
  • In the case where our work crew would find more costly work is needed, we will provide a written estimate and detailed report, as well as budget numbers for future expected roofing costs. A written estimate with firm pricing for any future work needed will be provided within as the need for the work approaches so you will have sufficient time to budget financially.

Contact us today to schedule your roof’s first inspection! Let us help you keep a roof over your home or business and money in your pocket!